Beginner's GuideEdit

This guide assumes you have read the quick guide, which you can find here.

We aim to bring a better understanding to you about the game and get you started on the path to glory.

The Game LayoutEdit

Game Layout copy

Game Layout Thumb

1. This is the Character Quick View.

Here you can see your stats and all of your Equipped items. Alternatively you can use the character "C" to open it.

2. This is the Pet Quickview.

Here you can you can view your pets Stat's, Add your cultivation pointes and view your skills. Alternatively you can use the character "P" to open it.

3. This is the Chat Selection.

The Tabs are labeled to choose which type you want to chat in or chat to.

4. This is the Battle Toolbar.

Here you can set shortcuts on your skills. You can Also add items Food Items, Traps, and etc.

5. This is the Player Toolbar.

I am going to introduce you by the options one by one.

The First Tab is the called "Character", which is the Character Quick View.

The Second Tab is called "Bag", which is the where you carry your items and it allows you to see what items you have currently or might have picked up.

The Third Tab is called "Skill", It it used to see your skills to add them as shortcuts and to add talant points you may have earned.

The Fourth Tab is the called "Pet", which is the Pet Quickview.

The Fifth Tab is called "Quest", which allows you to see what quests you are doing and your current status in them. It also lets you check for other available tasks.

The Sixth Tab Tab is called "Social", It allows you to see what freinds you have online and also how many times you have left to go into a certain instance.

The Seventh Tab is called "Mail", This is where all your mail goes, including system mail. Here you will get you rewards for turning 15, 20, 25, 30 etc.

The Eighth Tab is called "Guild" here you can check out you guild information.

6. This is A button that allows you to switch between auto fighting and manual fighting,

In auto fighting your character chooses the skill or the default one everytime.

In Manual mode each turn is controlled by you.

7. I am going to introduce you by the different items on your top right screen.

First we have the Gachapon button. Here you can gamble for 5 spell stones or 2 gold. You will be rewarded based on what there is in the item pool. There is a button that shows you what is available to win. Obviously the spell stone prizes are much better.

Secondly we have the world map. You can view the map by clicking on that button or "M"

Thirdly we have the system options. Here you can change some settings of the game.

Fourthly we have the search function, here you can look for Common Npc's, Monsters and Available Tasks.

Fifthly we have the Daily sign in award. Here you can get the awards which are character pellets. VIP's get one for free.

Finally we have the Mail/Auction Button. Here you can buy stuff from the mall, Sell you spell stones for gold, and Sell your items for gold.

Pet Basic'sEdit

First Off What Is A Pet?

A Pet Is A Creature You Can Capture And Train That Will Aid You In Battle. You May Carry Up To 4 Pets, Each Having Its Own Position.

What Are The Pet Positions And What Do They Do?

ATK - Fights Along Side You In Battle. You Can Place The Pet In Front Of You Or Behind You. Pets In Front Of You Can Act As "Tanks" And Take A Lot Of Damage So I Suggest A Pet With High HP For That Position. Pets Behind You Are Often Used To Heal You Or Do High Amounts Of Damage,

DEF - A Certain Amount Of The Pets HP Will Be Added To Your Character. EVERY CLASS NEEDS HP SO THIS IS IMPORTANT! A Good DEF Pet Has A High Growth Rate (Will Cover Growth Rate After This) And Natural High CON. The CON Stat Gives HP So Pets With Naturally High CON Will Give You More HP!

POSS - A Certain Amount Of The Pets Stats Will Be Added To The Player Based On The Ratio Of Happiness Between The Pet And The Player. This Is Where Things Get A Little More Complex. Please Go To The Classes Section Which Can Be Found Here.Before Going Any Further. Ok So To Have A Good POSS Pet You Need A Pet That Will Best Effect Your Players Stats. This Can Help You Manage Your Stat Points Better And Help You Become A Stronger Player. Make Sure The Pet Has A Good Growth Rate So You Benefit The Maximum Amount Possible.

Why Wont My Pet Go Into ATK Position?

Your Pet Is Unhappy, And You Need To Feed It A Cookie

Why Wont My Pet Fight In Battle?

You Have Your Pets Attack Mode In Idle. This Can Be Changed In Battle Bt Pressing The Button That Says Idle Right Above The Battle Toolbar.

How Do I Name My Pet?

Press The "P" Button To Open Up The Pet Menu. In The Pet Menu, Press The ATTR Button. Click The Icon That Looks Like A Pen And Paper And Name Your Pet! (Picture Will Go Here)

How Do I Train My Pet?

Any Pet With You In Any Other Position Then Rest Will Gain EXP In Any Fight With A Monster That is 9 levels Higher Or Lower Then Your Pet.

How Do I Add Train My Pets Stat's? And Which Stat's Should I Train?

Hit The "P" Button To Open The Pet Menu, Press The ATTR Button. Click Training And Click The Stat You Wish To Train. Each Level It Will Take Longer To Train The Pets Stat's So There Is Some Waiting Involved. Generally People Train The Stat The Pet Is Naturally Highest In.

What Is Growth Rate And How Do I Catch A Pet With A Good Growth Rate?

Growth Rate Is The Pace At Which The Pet Naturally Gains Stats. What Do I Mean By This? A Pet With A Lower Growth Rate Will Have Naturally Lower Stats Then A Pet With A Higher Growth Rate. To Catch A Pet With A Good Growth Rate Its All About Patience And Luck. You Might Have To Catch 50-100 Of The Same Pet To Get The Growth Rate You Want!

What Are The Growth Rates And Which Growth Rates Are "Good"?

The Growth Rate Are As Follows



Regular (Blue)


Genius Star 1(Yellow)

Genius Star 2(Yellow)

*Genius Star 3(Yellow)

*Supreme Star 1(Dark Brown)

*Supreme Star 2(Dark Brown)

*Supreme Star 3(Purple)


Pets Marked With The (*) Symbol Are "Good" Pets And Can Be Either Sold Or Used. Any Other Pets Are Usually Thrown Away.


Leveling in Canaan, as said in the tutorial, is extremely easy. In case you're lost and need tips, just do the following.

1) Use those Double Exp cards

Double Exp works for all exp, and can help you when you're doing quests or just grinding. I personally save these for later levels, when it becomes harder to grind levels as fast.

2) Part Time Job quests

These quests are usually long strains that can be repeated. They give massive experience and money, and at the beginning of the game its mostly legwork.

3) More quests?

Always search to see if there's new quests. Quests offer better experience than grinding and often involve grinding anyways for the materials, quest items, or monster counts they require. Daily quests hand out a lot of stuff, and many quests can be repeated.

4) Instances and Dungeons

This is encouraged, and if running Double Exp it is a very good way to gain Exp.

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